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French uniforms taken from the Mouillard Plates. I belive these are in the public domain but if any one knows differently let me know and I will take them off .

These Images are provided for personal use by gamer's looking to paint a French army and not to be used for comercial gain by anyone.

For more information on the French army in the 18th century check out the R.D.Pengel + G.R.Hurt painitng guides which can be bought at FreiKorp 15.plus Liliane and Fred Funcken's The Lace Wars.

Again click on the image and it's larger brother will pop up.


Gendarmerie De France 1Gendarmerie De France 2Gendarmerie De France 3Maison Du RoiMaison Du Roi 2Maison Du Roi 3


Line Cavalry 1st - 5th regts.Line Cavalry   6th - 10th regts.Line Cavalry   11th - 15th regts. Line Cavalry 17th - 21st regts.Line Cavalry 21st - 25thLine Cavalry 30th - 27th

Line Cavalry 53rd - 70thDragoons  1st - 5th regts.Dragoons 6th - 10thDragoons  11th - 15th regts.Dragoons  16th and 17th regts.Hussars  regts.

French Line infantry 1st - 5thFrench Line infantry 6th - 10thFrench Line infantry 11th - 15thFrench Line infantry16th - 20thFrench Line infantry 21st - 25thFrench Line infantry 26th - 30th

French Line infantry 31st - 35thFrench Line infantry 47th - 57thFrench Line infantry 68th - 87thFrench Line infantry 81st - 85thFrench Line infantry 88th - 96thFrench Line infantry 97th - 114th

French Provinces regts.Infanterie Etrangere Allemand + ScotishInfanterie Etrangere 37th - 41stInfanterie Etrangere 42nd - 53rdInfanterie Etrangere SwissInfanterie Etrangere 65th - 69th

Infanterie Etrangere 77th - 84th IrishInfanterie Etrangere 36th - 86th Alsace,AllemandInfanterie Etrangere 70th - 74thInfanterie Etrangere Allemand,Italien,SuisseLegions Petite Guerri FischerLegions Petite Guerre Clermont,Soubise

Legions Petite Guerre 3Legions Petite Guerre 4

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