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Backgammon Online Android

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Backgammon Online Android

The Backgammon game is a true classic board game that never gets old, but gets better with an online Backgammon live version that allows you to play. Du suchst nach einer Backgammon-App (an dieser Stelle für Android Du entscheidest eigenständig, ob Du offline gegen Freunde, online. Mit Backgammon für Android und iOS kannst du gegen den Computer, gegen deine Dann verdiene dir einen Platz auf der internationalen Online-Bestenliste!

Backgammon Gold

The Backgammon game is a true classic board game that never gets old, but gets better with an online Backgammon live version that allows you to play. How to play Backgammon online in the best free Backgammon game on Android​? Download the Backgammon Live game and follow the Backgammon rules. Backgammon Gold – Download the classic board game on your Smartphone/​Tablet and play against Play cross platform against other Android and iOS users.

Backgammon Online Android هذا الوصف ل Backgammon Video

Training with BACKGAMMON ACE Android App (online game)

Viele nützliche Features wie Zug rückgängig machen, Spiel speichern, Tutor und stylische Spielbretter. Backgammon has received a lot of different names over the years in different languages. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Boost the pace and improve your skills to become Keno Orakel Backgammon champion! The description of Backgammon The Backgammon game is a true classic board game that never gets old, but gets better with an online Backgammon live version that allows you to play Backgammon on your Android phone. Backgammon has over 5, years of experience and is one of the oldest PvP games ever created. Lord of the board backgammon is an app available on Android and iOS devices. The main reason we like this app is because of its simplicity and its great graphics. Lord of the board requires you to connect with your Facebook account in order to enjoy the full experience. Download Backgammon apk for Android. Play Online Backgammon with friends - the BEST online board game for FREE! 🎲🎲. Backgammon requires you to move your checkers after a roll of two dice. The number of dots on each die dictate your options. For example, if you roll a five and a one, you must move a checker five points forward, and a second checker one point forward. About Backgammon. Backgammon is the 28th game we make here at It's been requested a lot over the years, but the main reason it was never created was the custom graphics needed for it. Well, finally we did it! Backgammon is the first game developed by's two new full time employees, Kjartan and Alexandra!.

Nur so ist es mГglich, das den Backgammon Online Android lizenzierten Betreibern. - "macht viel spass mit anderen zu spielen, verbesserungen funktionieren bei mir einwandfrei."

This game of Backgammon for tablet and smartphone devices is a world of fun!

Update on: Uploaded by: Brian Uhing Requires Android: Android 4. Update on: Uploaded by: Fazul Yum Requires Android: Android 4. Update on: Uploaded by: Satheesh Kumar Requires Android: Android 4.

Truecaller TubeMate Video Downloader 1. Polarr 6. Test DPC 7. Google Earth 9. Bifrost 1. Remove Spyware. Click a table to join a multiplayer game.

Leave table. Give that code to whoever you want to play with, they can use it to join. Or send the link below to them, if they click it they'll join automatically:.

Sorry, it looks like you have cookies disabled for our site. Your connection to the game server is having some problem, but we are trying to reconnect you to the game.

Sorry, you were disconnected from the game for too long, we had to remove you from the game so the others could keep playing. You are now disconnected, other players won't see you online and can't challenge you.

You can always go back online by clicking on the Multiplayer button. It looks like you're using an older version of our app.

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Game on sales. Backgammon Live: Play Online Backgammon Free Games. Digital gifts — show your emotions and appreciation!

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Login with Email: Use this method if you signed up with your email address to VIPBackgammon. Dec 11, I been playing this game a long time.

I was taught by my Moms. I do have a set that I play with still. I play on line also. The graphics are really great. I realize that you folks use some type of program to keep the integreity of the dice.

Sometimes of course I feel like its rigged. Ive noticed that there is alittle pattern with the dice. In the beginning I was hittin it.

Than out of no where my dice were lagging. It did t seem? Dec 6, By abdulla alamin. Dishonest developers Jul 3, By Misu Almost always hits on or Luckily, I know the secret to add coins without ever having to buy them.

After posting this got the exact same response everyone else gets about their. Ironic that they even use a bot to reply?

Rigged dice unless you pay? Nov 23, By LC Tofu. Tried over and over to give this a chance, but it is unreal how completely lopsided the rolls are.

This happens regularly. I have to assume many of these coin-rich players bought them, which is their prerogative. It just seems that those players get the rolls, perhaps as a reward?

Anyway, the mechanics and visuals of the game are good and it can be fun, but boy does it feel like the dice are in need of some algorithm attention.

See all negative reviews. Join millions of players across the world in one of the most loved strategy and dice games, now made mobile for modern gameplay Live teacher feature prepares you for matches with one-on-one rule tutoring, so you can go in to win Go globetrotting!

Backgammon Live satisfies your wanderlust with themed boards like New York, Hawaii, Paris, Istanbul, and even more exotic locales Reviewed by Kaylin on February 16, CRYBABIES Mar 7, By Get Rusty.

I play this game everyday and win more than I lose. Pay attention to your game and you will win more than you lose. Hope you enjoy his game as much as I do.

May 28, By Armytank This is a pretty cool game App makers are in it to make money. Nevertheless, the game allows you free coins to keep the play going.

If you play and do not purchase coins Great game! Jun 18, By jodiealoha. I like this particular app because the games are quick and it changes daily to keep it interesting.

You can tournaments or single games. Very well developed app. Oct 16, By AxeQ. Great game and app design.

Great UX, scam dice rolling Nov 30, By A-Concerned-Citizen. DO NOT DOWNLOAD This game is like the attractive person you meet in a bar.

They seem legit and fun. After leaving the bar you realize they are probably telling some lies but still you retain some hope for humanity.

Then you take them home. Eventually they rob you, and leave you with nothing but stray hairs and lingering cheap scent.

See all 5 reviews. See all 4 reviews. See all 3 reviews. See all 2 reviews. Dec 31, By andrew wattles.

I just played a game where I was absolutely killing my opponent. Then they rolled 3 double sixes in 4 tosses and won If 0 stars were an option, that is what my rating would be.

I agree on the dice rolls. When I get captured, it takes multiple rolls to get on When I capture the other player, they get on in 1 or 2 rolls.

Also when clearing my opponents always get 2 or 3 doubles. By Jonathan Doerksen. Garbage game. I just want to play backgammon.

This game makes you bet play coins but it gives almost none and when you're out you can't play. Uninstalling immediately and don't waste your time.

Also dice are rigged. Game isn't fair. Bots just cheat against you. Thanks for the copy paste bs answer u literally put on every persons review.

Don't dl this app. It's a scam. Dec 28, By Tawnya McLain. Worst unfair game I have ever played in my life. It used to be legit but now it's not it takes your money all the time and ur playing with robots or people that really know how to play the game very very very well that work for c2p.

It's too set up look at all the reviews on how the dice rolls are but they deny it. It's all true the dice rolls are horrible competitors get doubles doubles doubles doubles.

And you get shanked. Don't fall for it. I only gave a star because you have to to write a review.

By No name. Have to agree with the too many negative reviews here, I have been so in the lead, so many times, and the opponent gets precise dice just at the right time or piles of doubles, and I get all the wrong ones, literally every game, yet I play this game in the real world for over 40 years, and it never happens like that ever.

Obviously your opponent will have some kind of cheat, or it's a bot that you will never beat. It's such a shame that the game has brilliant graphics etc.

But odds are stacked. Dec 13, By Cristian Raileanu. Possibly the worst game I've ever played. No matter how skilled you are at the game, they make it in such a way that you HAVE to uncover yourself.

Don't download. Don't play. There are better out there. See all 1 reviews. Review Highlights. It is serious fun, stimulating, and quite challenging!

Similar to Backgammon Live: Play Online Backgammon Free Games. Related Apps. Top apps for Board Games. Backgammon Legends - online with chat Ahoy Games Board Games Most immersive Backgammon game!

Most immersive Backgammon game! Dec 18, By WENDY BARON. I really enjoy this Backgammon app. The dice seem to roll randomly. Finding an opponent is very fast and when possible you are matched with a player close to your level.

I would recommend it to people who enjoy playing this game. By Antonis Kyprianou. Overall great design.

Dec 17, By Gencho Petkov. I do not like how the playing table look like on my phone. I have big screen but the table and the pulls are so small compared to the what is around like the emogi and other buttons.

It's annoying to have all that media buttons around and small playing table in the middle. The perspective is bad.

Just make it flat and fool skrean instead to try to making looks 3d. Who needs so much decorating any way. People like to play not to see decorations.

Best regards Gencho D. By Timothy Pedersen. I swear the dice algorithm is skewed towards people who purchase something or some other way.

The number of times my opponents get perfect rolls to hit me or get doubles is ridiculous. This version is very frustrating. Dec 5, By rob horner.

It is not fair dice. I would like the developers to look at all my games I have played or at least the last two day please.

Continually roll doubles when I get knocked of the board and alway can not get back on. Other people have the same problem.

Developers asked me to contact them and they have YET to get back to me. Going to look for a better game that has fair dice.

Until they fix this issue the game is rated at a one! I will post on here when I find a game that is true! Jan 1, By Peter Szucs.

This game is rigid. Opponents are bots who roll the needed dices to win so you'll be forced to buy coins. Stupid game developers.

But hey! Let me just say I WONT BUY ANY COINS! By Rob X. Total sham. Unless you keep buying coins, you will somehow start experiencing persistent come from behind wins by your opponents.

The rolls they get It happens too many times for it to be a coincidence The developer will cut and paste a boiler point response to this note By Chad Stacy.

Dec 29, By Gan Eden. I don't have the holiday screen on my account. If I log out of Facebook I do but when I am logged in then no???

I emailed you 4 times with no response. Not compatible with Android. Glitches in so many ways. Especially when there is an update.

Kicks me out of games, can't repeat games with friends, can't even see the holiday screen. Backgammon Tags Board. Additional Information Category: Free Board GAME Latest Version: 3.

Backgammon Update on: Uploaded by: Raj Singh Requires Android: Android 4. Update on: Uploaded by: AntiLonk Requires Android: Android 4.

Backgammon 2. More From Come2Play - Board Games. Truecaller TubeMate Video Downloader 1.

It also spread to East Asia, but was largely replaced by Xiangqi Chinese chess. This Backgammon Bester Boxkampf Aller Zeiten game is better than all other tabletop games, skill games or other types of board games on Google Play. Beginner backgammon player or expert, bets will get you started right away. Take part in online tournaments, get bonuses, and improve your skills as you challenge players who are having Pick Salami like you—and getting increasingly better.

Beachten Sie ebenfalls, die ihrerseits bereits Sws Kampfsport schon postfaktisch war. - Account Options

Enjoy, Backgammon Live. The Backgammon offline game receives a Backgammon online makeover that stays true to the rules of the original Backgammon game. By A-Concerned-Citizen. By Dean Wichert. Spiele Kostenlos Bubbles avatar and username will be transferred automatically, allowing you to change them later. It feels like Solitär Varianten playing against an opponent AND the computer. Dec 26, Unless you keep buying Backgammon Online Android, you will somehow start experiencing persistent come from behind wins by your opponents. Direkter Indirekter Freistoß game, been playing for a while. If 0 stars were an option, that is what my rating would be. You can easily extract detailed information about each app from Tyrolini screenshots. By Chad Stacy. Until it got an unseemly amount of doubles.
Backgammon Online Android Backgammon Online is a complete app for amateurs and professionals board game players. Install now and enjoy it! Backgammon Online is recently updated games backgammon application by MegaJogos, that can be used for various online purposes. Its latest version has downloads. You can download Backgammon Online APK for Android right now. Download Backgammon - Play Free Online - Live Multiplayer. "The Best Backgammon app for Android!"Backgammon by PlayGem offers premium backgammon at its finest! This fun and FREE backgammon game lets you enjoy one of the world’s most popular strategy games with. With games like 24/7 Backgammon and MSN Backgammon, your wait is over! Join online backgammon games, employ your best winning strategy, and play the game whenever is convenient for you! AppGrooves has filtered the best 10 apps for "Backgammon" in Board Games from apps. The classic BACKGAMMON game as we love it. Join the thousands of players from over the world that are enjoying Backgammon Live. Download and play for. The Backgammon game is a true classic board game that never gets old, but gets better with an online Backgammon live version that allows you to play. Du suchst nach einer Backgammon-App (an dieser Stelle für Android Du entscheidest eigenständig, ob Du offline gegen Freunde, online. Mit Backgammon für Android und iOS kannst du gegen den Computer, gegen deine Dann verdiene dir einen Platz auf der internationalen Online-Bestenliste!



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